​​​City of Roy Washington

City of Roy   Washington

. . . about volunteering for holiday activities!
   We are nearing the holiday season, and it's time for those who care to turn words into actions! Possible ways to contribute:

  • Form and head up a committee!
  • Contribute exterior decorations, including labor and materials.
  • Find Santa, Santa's elf and their suits.
  • Help fill Santa's bag for the December 1 Open House.
  • New ideas welcome!




7:30 p.m. at Roy City Hall

216 McNaught St S

Written or oral comments from interested residents will be welcome.

November 13, 2017

to discuss revenue sources for 2018 budget, including consideration of possible increases in property tax revenues

November 13, 2017

November 27, 2017 (final)

to discuss the proposed budget for 2018, which is available for review during regular business hours at City Hall

Citizens are asking . . .