​​​City of Roy Washington

City of Roy   Washington

. . . about rodeo weekend!

Roy Rodeos this year will be June 3-4 and September 2-3.  The Roy Pioneer Rodeo Association, a private non-profit organization, holds it on the rodeo grounds just outside city limits.  It is a big event in Roy, and we welcome the participants and fans to town!

Rodeo information is available at royrodeo.com, and the Rodeo Association handles additional questions from its Facebook page.

The City always gets questions about vendor booths and camping when rodeo weekends are coming up.  Both types of questions usually involve additional questions about the railroad property.  

Vendor booths:  The City issues Special Event Limited Business Licenses for $15 for four consecutive days (instead of $45 for a regular annual City Business License).  You need a state UBI number, written permission from the property owner, and any additional licenses or permits that are applicable (such as from Pierce County Health Department for selling food).  The application form is at right.
 Roy City Code 4-1A-5.C  

Camping:  Camping requires written consent from the property owner and a permit from the Chief of Police.  (Large assemblage of campers on one property requires a special event permit.)Roy City Code 7-3-6 and 4-10    

Railroad property:  The parcel across from City Hall belongs to Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad Co.  BNSF authorizes the Roy Police Department to enforce the law on the property.  Anyone who wishes to use the BNSF property needs written permission from BNSF.  Since the City does not own the property, the City cannot give permission to use it, and the City cannot charge anyone to use it. 

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