​​​City of Roy Washington

City of Roy   Washington

Citizens are asking . . .

. . . about increasing water rates!

The Roy City Council’s work session on November 13 was on the topic of managing our small water system. The newsletter sent with water bills in early October invited water customers to attend and listen. Jennifer Kropack from the state Department of Health braved the stormy weather to share knowledge with the members of the Council. Roy’s water system faces many challenges that are similar to those faced nationwide. Infrastructure is aging, and decades of keeping rates pleasantly low have resulted in deferred attention to planning for necessary improvements and replacements. Those lower rates did not reflect the true cost of operating water systems. Exclusive reliance on grant funding cannot continue, because that pool is drying up. Roy’s extra difficulty is that there are presently fewer than 325 connections to support its system.

Handouts from the session are available below. New rates took effect December 1 and will show up on bills sent in January. The Council adopted a resolution suspending 1% of the utility tax for a year to mitigate the effect on bills a little. City officials will be looking at how best to move ahead in the coming weeks. Watch for notice soon of our consulting engineers’ presentation of the update of our Water System Plan.