The City of Roy is in the process of updating its Water System Plan. We expect to receive calculations based on recent usage from our engineering consultants shortly. The calculations will tell the City if we may approve new water connections.

   To update the Water System Plan, the City is calculating the "Equivalent Residential Units" of water available. In 2007, the City employed a waiting list for water availability. However, as approvals expire after stated intervals when applicants do not acquire associated building permits, and not all applicants obtained permits, the list is outdated, and cannot be relied on in updating the Water System Plan.

   At its regular meeting on July 25, 2016, at 7:30 p.m. at Roy City Hall, the City Council will hear public comments from applicants who believe their certificates of water availability remain in effect. The City invites you to attend and requests that you submit whatever documentation you have in support of your belief that your certificate is still in effect. The City will take all submissions into consideration in determining remaining water availability to ensure a fair approach to these issues which is also consistent with applicable water system plan update requirements.

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