If you own a business, conduct business or provide services, earning gross receipts from sources within the city limits of Roy, you are required to obtain a City of Roy business license and report gross receipts for city business and occupation (B&O) taxes.  This includes home based businesses.
Business licenses are $45 and are valid for the calendar year.  Anyone doing business in the City of Roy must also have a valid license with the State of Washington.

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Each business in the State of Washington must register with the DOR to obtain a UBI/ tax identification number.  Other information includes State B&O tax and retail sales and use tax.

Payroll reports and industrial insurance premiums must be submitted to L&I.  Also obtain contractor's licenses for trades and professional licenses.

This is the Federal agency. Learn about and get forms and publications for Employer Identification Numbers (EIN), and withholding and employer payroll taxes, as well as income taxes.

Businesses selling these substances must obtain appropriate licenses here.

City of Roy   Washington

​​​City of Roy Washington

Programs for businesses

Submit wage reports and pay unemployment insurance tax to ESD.

Businesses working with food and beverages must obtain appropriate permits here.

Washington Small Business Fair held annually on a Saturday in September