​​​City of Roy Washington

City of Roy   Washington

. . . about May 4.

Hometown Heroes Day
   On the first Saturday in May, soldiers from our JBLM Community Connector unit, the 555th Engineer Brigade, come into the City to volunteer a few hours on projects around town that need attention. On that day we also recognize people who have made a difference in the community. On May 4 at 1:00 p.m., the City will unveil a sign naming the Community Center for Cecelia Hanson. Mrs. Hanson served the community for decades. She was integral to the process that built the facility with grant funding, hosted annual open houses in it, and directed the library half of the building.
Spring Clean-Up
   May 4 is also the day for residents to spruce things up. Get out there and tackle those general maintenance tasks left undone over winter! Give a good scrubbing where needed! Plant something pretty!
   Unfortunately, LeMay is no longer able to donate dumpsters as in the past, and the cost for the City to provide them would be prohibitive. Does everyone know where the landfill is, at 179th and Meridian? Get together with your neighbors, make a trip with a truckload and split the nominal cost.      
   But still for free: Pierce County will hold a shredding event across from City Hall on May 4 from 10:00-1:00!
Eyesores and Health Hazards
   Property owners are responsible for maintaining the easements that their property abuts. Besides deep grass and overhanging vegetation that obstruct safe passage and views of oncoming traffic, Roy City Code chapters 5-1 and 8-1 list other hazards and public nuisances that spoil the neighborhood. The City follows a process to enforce compliance with these regulations. It begins with a policy of issuing abatement notices when people submit complaints to City Hall. (But please try talking with your neighbor about it before taking it up a notch!) City code sets out the penalties when eyesores or hazards remain after a property owner receives notice.


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