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March 12, 2020
Citizens of the City of Roy,
Washington State, as well as Pierce County, and other local governments, have declared a state of emergency regarding the outbreak of COVID-19. The City of Roy is informing you that we are declaring an emergency and releasing an emergency proclamation. Residents should NOT be alarmed by the declaration. This is a precautionary measure to ensure we can align our response in the event of an outbreak with state and local authorities. An emergency proclamation enables us to activate our emergency plan, allocate funding if needed, utilize resources outside our jurisdiction, and obtain services, equipment, and resources outside of our municipality. Again, residents should NOT be alarmed. This is an effort to mitigate the situation, and any negative impact to our community, businesses, and citizens, by utilizing services that allow us to continue to provide essential services to our community.
Anthony McDaniel, Mayor & Kelli Loudin, City Clerk-Treasurer
City of Roy

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