​​​City of Roy Washington

City of Roy   Washington

City Hall Office Hours

Closed weekends, 

Thursdays and holidays

City Clerk office:  

8:30 - 4:30 MTWF

Court office: 

8:30 - 2:00 MTWF

Building Official

   (vacant), BuildingOfficial@CityofRoyWA.us

   Note:  The Building Official works only 4 hours per week. If you need

   immediate assistance, please contact the City Clerk-Treasurer instead.

City Attorney

   Lisa Marie Roybal Elliott, CityAttorney@CityofRoyWA.us

City Clerk-Treasurer

   Debra Dearinger, RoyCityHall@CityofRoyWA.us

Clerk Assistant

   Linda Foster, RoyAdmin@CityofRoyWA.us

City Planner

   Jeff Boers, c/o RoyCityHall@CityofRoyWA.us


   Cecelia Hanson, RoyLibrary@comcast.net

Municipal Court Judge

   Thomas Ellington, c/o katy.henricksen@mail.courts.wa.gov

Municipal Court ClerkAdministrator

   Katy Henricksen, katy.henricksen@mail.courts.wa.gov

Planning Commission

   c/o RoyCityHall@CityofRoyWA.us

Police Chief

   Chief Armitage, ChiefArmitage@CityofRoyWA.us

Police Officer

   Officer Johnson, OfficerJohnson@CityofRoyWA.us

Prosecuting Attorney

   Anneke Berry, 5bisoux@gmail.com

Public Records Officer

   Debra Dearinger, RoyCityHall@CityofRoyWA.us

Public Works Maintenance Worker

   William Starks, PublicWorks@CityofRoyWA.us

Water billing contact

  c/o RoyCityHall@CityofRoyWA.us


Email us  RoyCityHall@CityofRoyWA.us


City of Roy

216 McNaught St S

PO Box 700

Roy WA 98580-0700

(253) 843-1113